Praisin' the Asian

Korean-American rapper and comedian Known for Oceans 8 and Crazy Rich Asians

First disabled woman elected to congress

First Indian American to be elected to the senate. First female, first African American, and first Indian American attorney general in California. Watch out for a presidential run in 2020.

Japanese-American civil rights activist

CEO of PepsiCo

Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance

Award winning Indian actress, singer, producer, human rights activist, and the first South Asian to headline an American network drama series.

Former President of the Indian National Congress

First Asian-American woman, first Buddhist, and first Japanese-born American to be elected to the Senate

Japanese-American visual artist, previous record holder for highest price for a work by a living female artist

Yoko Ono

Japanese-American artist, singer, songwriter, and peace activist

Actress advocating for more Asian roles in Hollywood

Filipina lawyer, human rights activist and politician

First female governor of South Carolina, first Sikh governor in the U.S., first female Indian American to be elected governor in the U.S.

Indian-American writer, actress, and producer known for The Office and The Mindy Project

Co-founder of Alibaba, self-made billionaire

Indian film actress, womens rights and mental health advocate

Asian-American journalist and activist, also a member of Princeton's first graduating class of women