Poderosas y Unidas

"the world's most widely read Spanish-language author."

Novelist and scholar of Chicana culture, feminist theory, and queer theory.

Mexican-American award winning author and activist.

Mexican-American actress, producer, and philanthropist

Labor leader, civil rights activist, co-founder of the United Farm Workers

First Hispanic-American to win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony

First Hispanic woman to serve in the U.S. Cabinet

First Hispanic woman to serve in the U.S. Cabinet

Judge on the Guatemalan Supreme Court advocating for women's rights and against corruption

Award winning folk singer, songwriter, musician, and activist

First transgender person to work in the White House

American gymnast and two time Olympic medalist

First Latin-American actress to earn over $1 million for a film

First Latina CEO of a Fortune 500 company

First Hispanic woman in Space

World renowed environmental and indigenous rights activist

Co-Creator of the #NeverAgain movement

Venezuelan fashion designer known for dressing American first ladies

Guatemalan indigenous rights and women's rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize recipient

The best selling South American singer of all time

Chief Executive Officer of the National Math and Science Initiative