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Michelle Akers's objectivity a welcome voice in coverage of U.S. Soccer

“For some of the commentators it is important for them to be ingratiated into the system, so that means U.S. Soccer or MLS or the Women’s Pro League or FIFA or whatever,” Akers continued. “They want information, they want to be included, they want a job. So if you are commentator for Fox or ESPN or whomever, you want access to the players. So I guess—I’m just theorizing —that if you say s--- about them that is negative, why would they want to talk to you? I guess they try to stay on the fence or on the more positive side to keep the door more open for information. They might have relationships with the players so maybe those friendships would curb what would they would say. For me I am not necessarily speaking for the viewers, I am just saying what I see. This is just me and how I am. I really don’t have an agenda other than saying what I see and wanting better for my team.”

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