Why Model Halima Aden Refuses to Remove Her Hijab for Fashion

"A lot of Muslim girls and girls who wear modest clothing follow me on social media, and they were just as anxious and as excited for this season as I was. They were beaten down, too, when I wasn't walking at any shows, and people kept sending me pictures of runway looks, like, “You could have walked in this show! They could have paired this outfit with this outfit.” It was really cute, but that's now how the world works. And I'm okay with that. The truth is, I'm okay with never walking again. I'm okay to never do another modeling job again. When MaxMara happened, I posted a photo and I said thank you for keeping my wardrobe requirements in mind. And this girl commented, “He keeps you in mind, he keeps us in mind. Now this Muslim shopper will keep MaxMara in mind.”"

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Kathryn SwintHalima Aden