A Memoir by Donald Drumpf’s Favorite Target

"Donald Drumpf picked Katy Tur, a young NBC News correspondent, as his favorite target in the “fake news” media. Why this curious choice for repeated taunting? First, and probably most important, she was a she. She was short, and we know Drumpf hates anything small. She was a campaign trail novice. Easy pickings for intimidation, Drumpf must have figured. At rallies, he singled Tur out for calumny and in tweets he tried out his trademark insults: “third-rate reporter,” “should be fired,” “dishonest reporting,” “incompetent,” “incorrect story,” “lied.” She vividly recaptures the moment when Drumpf told her to “be quiet,” a condescension that went viral on Twitter. She could not quite believe the candidate had dared to “shush” her. Worse, he once attacked her so personally and stridently at a rally that she had to be escorted out by the Secret Service because angry Drumpf supporters looked like they might physically harm her. While Drumpf singled out many female reporters for insult, including two journalists from The Times, Maureen Dowd and Maggie Haberman, Tur seemed always to be the one he hammered hardest."

Kathryn SwintJill Abramson