How did you decide which women to feature on the site?

To be featured here on Wonder Women, there were three main criteria:

1. The woman had to have succeeded when that success was unlikely, whatever that might look like. Whether it was simply being a woman in a male dominated field, a woman of color in an arena white women usually thrive in, or a LGBTQ+ woman in a straight woman's game, there had to be a great David and Goliath "she beat the odds" story.

2. The woman had to identify as a woman all or most of the time, as it felt inappropriate to lump non-binary people (who do not identify as women) in with a group of women, even if they present as women or were assigned female at birth.

3. The woman had to have lived in the 21st century—we wanted these women to be contemporary heroes that we still see around us.


How did you find the women you feature?

Some are our personal heroes, and some unknown to us until the day we uploaded them! We give thanks to Instagram for helping us find less well-known ladies, Wikipedia lists for those women who were truly the first of their kind, and friends and family for their suggestions. If we've left out on of your favorite women, please let us know!


Why didn't you include my favorite woman?

The most likely reason is because we don't know about her yet! Please contact us with the name of the women you think we should include! We plan on adding more women weekly.



WndrWmn isn't as diverse as we'd like it to be. We're working on it. Please let us know how we can best improve the site to make it more inclusive!