Anna McNuff

Cycled 11,000 miles through every state in the US, ran 1,911 miles along the Te Araroa trail, cycled along the spine of the Andes and ascended over 100,000 meters on a bike

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"In 2013 [McNuff] wheeled [her] way, solo and unassisted, 11,000 miles through each and every state of the USA. [McNuff] visited schools along the route and raised £11,000 for Global Charity Right To Play.


For 2015 [McNuff] switched to a simpler mode of transport and spent 5 and 1/2 months running 1,911 miles along New Zealand’s Te Araroa trail. Unsupported and with all [her] worldly possessions in a 14kg backpack, [she] visited local schools en route and raised £7,000 for The Outward Bound Trust – to give kids in the UK and NZ a shot at adventures of their very own.


In October 2016, [McNuff] began a mission to cycle along the spine of the largest mountain range in the world: The Andes. By the time [McNuff] returned to the UK in April 2017 [she] had pedalled through some of South America’s most remote and inhospitable regions, and ascended over 100,000 metres on a bike – more than 11 times the height of Everest.


In February, 2016, McNuff “spent a month cycling across Europe, directed entirely by social media. [McNuff] was directed from London [across] The Netherlands, the length of Germany, across Switzerland (twice) and down through France to the marvellous Med. [She] journeyed a total of 1,328 miles. 47 of those walking, 273 on trains and 1001 by bicycle. Plus, let us not forget the 7 miles of ‘running with a bike’ due to a broken pump and buggered brakes.”


In August, 2014, McNuff “set out to rollerblade 100 miles around Amsterdam. Carrying all of [her] camping gear on our back, [she] slept in the wild each night and dressed in 80’s clothing  – in a bid to encourage people to Say Yes More to life.”


In April, 2013, McNuff “[ran] 86 miles along the Hadrian’s Wall trail in the North of the UK… [she] ran dressed as a Roman [soldier] (naturally), learnt about History along the way and went into schools in London afterwards to tell kids all about the history of Britain’s oldest wall.”


In December, 2015, McNuff “[continued] the ‘fancy a run?’ series with a 96 mile jog along the Jurassic coast. And who better to join me for this jaunt through the British countryside than fellow Roman runner Lydia and star of BBC2 SAS Ultimate Hell Week, Danny Boy Bent.”


In 2014, McNuff “began a merry mission to explore London and its outskirts. What started as a group of 4 friends on a 6 week mission, grew to over 150 people taking to the hills, rivers and lakes around the city for midweek escapes over the course of 7 months. [they] ate picnics, drank mead, watched sunsets and sunrises, chatted, laughed, sang and slept out under the stars.” In the end, McNuff spent 25 consecutive weeks sleeping on the hilltops around London.

In May, 2016, McNuff and a friend rented giant kick scooters and kick scooted around Wales.” (1)

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